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2014 Nachrichten

New SecureAware: Efficient migration to the new ISO standards

3. Juni, 2014

The new SecureAware contains a number of new features to help you with your information security management based on the standards ISO 27001 and 27001. Mehr »

New tool manages security and compliance tasks

4. April, 2014

Neupart has released SecureAware version 4.5. The new SecureAware makes it easier for companies to take control of the information security as it becomes easier to keep the ISMS alive and get an overview of all security and compliance tasks. Mehr »

2013 Nachrichten

How to get satisfied customers - who won this year?

11. September, 2013

94% of Neupart's customers have just reported that they are satisfied or very satisfied to be Neupart customers. The study is based on 104 responses, which were collected in August 2013. Mehr »

2012 Nachrichten

Announcing SecureAware v4.3: Take Control of Your Company Polices

12. November, 2012

The all new SecureAware Policy TNG introduces security policy templates for bring your own device, cloud computing, vendor controls, the new EU Data Protection Regulation, as well as a comprehensive feature set to allow companies to efficiently manage and publish security policies and as any other company policy, such as CSR, Quality, HR and IT Operations. Mehr »

Responsible Shortcuts to IT Risk Assessments

23. Mai, 2012

With a few responsible shortcuts, conducting IT Risk Assessments can become less time consuming and more efficient. These four responsible shortcuts reduces the number of interviews needed to introduce a risk management process. Mehr »

Announcing SecureAware v4.2: Departmental Risk Reporting

16. März, 2012

IT Risk Assessment projects can now be reported individually for each department in an organisation.  Mehr »

Announcing SecureAware v4.1.5: Manageable Risk Treatment

6. Januar, 2012

Best practices such as ISO 27001 and ISO 27005 suggests management involvement when managing and treating risks. The new SecureAware allows organisations not only assess their technology related business risks, but also keeping track of the treatment options. Mehr »

2011 Nachrichten

New IT GRC solution manages risk and business continuity plans

12. September, 2011

Neupart has released SecureAware version 4.1 with improvements in business continuity plans, risk management, reporting and user management. Below is some examples. Mehr »

SC Magazine: Great tool for enterprice GRC at the business level

1. August, 2011

SecureAware from Neupart achieved highest possible ratings on features and documentation in a new SC Magazine review. The review concluded that SecureAware is a great tool for developing a ground-up enterprise GRC plan for risk management adherence at the business level. Mehr »

Das Sicherheitsniveau der großen Cloud-Anbieter

22. Februar, 2011

Wie ist das aktuelle Sicherheitsniveau der großen Cloud Anbieter? Neupart bietet Antworten in einem neuen Bericht.  Mehr »

Farewell to spreadsheets in risk assessments

31. Januar, 2011

Risk management can help provide better security for the money spent, and is often also a regulatory requirement. Many find it's a challenge to keep track of several persons' input, comments and ratings in a series of spreadsheets. Neupart announces a new tool that makes risk assessments much simpler. Mehr »

Aberdeen surveys the effectiveness of GRC

18. Januar, 2011

New Aberdeen research shows how companies are using governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management to enable competitive differentiation, cost reduction, and growth. Mehr »

2010 Nachrichten

Das SC Magazine bewertet SecureAware von Neupart

28. Juni, 2010

SecureAware von Neupart erzielte Bestnoten bei Funktionalität und Dokumentation im Test der Risikomanagement-Lösungen des SC Magazine. Der Bericht unterstreicht die integrierten Awareness-Programme und die Business Continuity-Pläne der Lösung. Mehr »

Ein Sicherheitskonzept nach ISO 27001 für LOTTO Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

27. April, 2010

Anfang März 2009 wurde LOTTO Mecklenburg-Vorpommern erstmalig nach ISO 27001 zertifiziert. Anderthalb Jahre Vorbereitung gingen dem voraus. Eine strukturierte Hilfe bot die Software SecureAware des dänischen Unternehmens neupart beim Aufbau des Sicherheitskonzeptes nach ISO 27001. Mehr »

SecureAware wins compliance management innovation award

11. März, 2010

SecureAware is recognized as the Innovative Compliance Management Solution of 2010 by Network Products Guide. Mehr »

IT GRC vendor awarded with ISO 27001 certification

29. Januar, 2010

IT GRC vendor Neupart A /S, has again achieved ISO27001 certification. A new certificate has been issued for three years. Mehr »

2009 Nachrichten

Pass That PCI Audit: SecureAware is a "Hot Compliance Product"

6. November, 2009

Channel Web: SecureAware from Neupart is 1 of 20 Hot Compliance Products. Mehr »

Lightwave Security and Neupart Announce Exclusive North American Partnership Agreement

16. September, 2009

Neupart contracts Lightwave Security to perform sales, marketing and customer support in North America. Mehr »

New Policy Management Module

27. Juli, 2009

Learn how to establish and maintain information security policies and relating documentation needed to comply with PCI DSS, ISO27001 and ISO27002. Mehr »

Neupart introduces new Compliance Analysis product

27. Juli, 2009

With the recent release from Neupart, SecureAware offers increased flexibility and supports internal audit processes.  Mehr »

Neupart introduces new BCP product

27. Juli, 2009

New BCP solution increases the availability of business continuity plans and automates the maintenance process. Mehr »

2008 Nachrichten

Microsoft Global Foundation Services Earns ISO 27001 Certification

11. August, 2008

In a testament to the growing momentum behind ISO 27001, Microsoft Global Foundation Services has chosen to align its information security program with the international standard's rigorous requirements. Neupart SecureAware includes a simple module to measure your compliance with ISO 27001. Mehr »

Neupart CEO Participates in RSA Conference 2008 Panel Discussion "Compliance Megatrends: The Future of Information Security"

7. April, 2008

Lars Neupart leads a group of experts debating the need for compliance standards and provides insight into movements within international standards bodies. Mehr »

2007 Nachrichten

Neupart Advisory Board Member testifies before the U.S. Congress regarding Federal IT Security

18. Juli, 2007

Neupart Advisory Board Member testifies before the U.S. Congress regarding Federal IT Security Mehr »


Über Neupart

Neupart, ein nach ISO 27001 zertifiziertes Unternehmen, bietet Ihnen eine Komplettlösung aus einer Hand, mit der Organisationen eine kontinuierliche Konformität erzielen durch die Automatisierung von Aktivitäten zu IT Governance, Risikomanagement und Compliance-Management.  Ob Sie auf die Einhaltung von PCI DSS, ISO 27001, Sarbanes-Oxley oder WLA SCS achten müssen oder neue Geschäftsrisiken effizient managen wollen: Mit Neupart reagieren Sie effektiv und machen Ihr Compliance-Programm zukunftssicher. Über 300 Organisationen in der ganzen Welt nutzen SecureAware von Neupart, darunter Behörden, Versorgungsunternehmen, Banken und Versicherungen, IT-Serviceanbieter sowie Lotteriegesellschaften.


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